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4-In-1 Vacuum Engine Plans

The correct terminology is "atmospheric engine". Never the less, here is a "flame eater" engine you can build any of four ways: (1) - Air Cooled Side Crank as shown, (2) - Water Cooled Side Crank, (3) - Air Cooled Center Crank or (4) - Water Cooled Center Crank!

The air cooled engines have an optional belt driven cooling fan which provides cooling for long running sessions. The engine runs fine without it. With the fan, the engine will run all day long and never get hot. But long runs or not, the fan also adds much interest to the engine.

All four versions use my oscillating (twisting) side shaft mechanism to operate the head valve. My unique valve seat is of self lubricating non-metallic material which greatly reduces valve sliding friction and virtually eliminates wear. The engine speed range is from 60 to 600 RPM or so.

The engine can be ran on an alcohol flame, but for easy and accurate speed control, use my Mini Propane Burner on the "Book Shelf  Models, Tools, Etc." menu.

The plans set consists of 19 sheets of drawings and 2 sheets of construction and assembly notes.

Specifications: Flywheel Diameter: 4", Cylinder Bore: 1", Piston Stroke: 1-3/8", Overall Length: 9", Experience Level: 3

Materials Set: (1) 1.045" dia. x 1.5" long graphite for piston, (2) .250" x .500" x .187" thick ball bearings, (3) .156" x .312" flanged ball bearings for fan hub and connecting rod end.  Materials set sold separately.

"All I can say is WOW! I can now truly appreciate why everyone who has bought your model plans speaks so highly of you!"  - Robert Schenk (San Francisco, California)

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4 in 1 Vacuum Engine Plans
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4 in 1 Vacuum Materials Set
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