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Howell V-Four - 4 Cycle Gas Engine Plans

The engine is 1.95 Cu. In. (32cc) in displacement. Cylinders are 90 degrees apart in order to have the engine
balanced for vibration free running. The cylinder bore is .875" and the piston stroke is .812". The cylinder banks
are not staggered and robust knife and fork connecting rods are used. The multi segment built-up crankshaft and
twin cam shafts are amazingly easy to make. A Hall Effect distributor is driven off the end of one of the cam shafts.
The distributor body is linked to the throttle arm for spark advance/retard with the throttle setting. The throttle is
my newest proven 2-jet design with an oiled foam air cleaner.

Pressure lubrication to the rod ends is by an external gear oil pump which feeds oil through the drilled crankshaft.
There is an oil pressure adjuster and an oil pressure gauge port. The engine is water cooled using my unique magnetic
drive water pump which has no seals to leak, and a proper looking and effective shop made radiator. The fan blade
shroud insures that the 5 curved blade fan actually pulls air through the radiator fins and not just circulate the air
around behind the radiator as would otherwise result without one.

There are ball bearings on the crankshaft, timing gears, camshaft, distributor, rocker arms, water pump, oil pump and
fan shaft. All external parts are sealed using "O" rings which prevent any oil seepage from the engine. A crankcase
vent/check valve maintains negative crankcase pressure. A dipstick is provided to monitor the oil level and also an
easy to get to oil drain plug.

Checking the RPM with a Laser Digital Tachometer on initial test runs show an idle speed of approximately 1,000
RPM and a top speed of 6,500+ RPM. Both of these are expected to improve after the engine is fully broken-in.

The plans set consists of 65 detailed sheets of quality laser printed CAD drawings and 5 sheets of Construction Notes.  Every feature of the engine as shown is included in the plans set including 2-Jet Throttle, Air Cleaner, Water Pump, Oil Pump, Hall Effect Distributor, Radiator, Skid, Etc. EXCEPT the stainless steel exhaust pipes and manifolds.  A full-size drawing of the manifolds is included but does not contain dimensions.  However, our user forum shows how others have fabricated the manifolds.

The Howell V-Four is the Sherline Craftsmanship Museum Group Build Engine.  http://www. HowellV4.htm

Specifications: Flywheel Diameter: 3", Height on Skid: 7.07", Overall Width: 5.75", Length w/Radiator: 7.6"
Experience Level
: 6 - This project is intended for experienced multi-cylinder engine builders and should not be attempted by the novice.

"Jerry, that V-4 is so lovely I think you've escaped Earth and are working up there in the Heavens!!!" - Bruce Satra (Vernal, Utah)

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Howell V-4 Engine Plans
Item ID: V4-P 

       V-4 Specific Items Available.  Click on Item ID to view more information.

 V4 TIM-6 Transistor Ignition Module Kit - Item ID: V4-TIM6 
 A  TIM-6 kit that Includes (4) 2mm x 1mm distributor magnets
 RCEXL Spark Plug (4 needed) Item ID: V4-SPARKPLUGS
"RCEXL" 1/4-32 Spark Plug
 V4 "O" Rings Item ID: V4-ORINGS
 38 inch and metric sizes.
 V4 Fasteners Kit Item ID: V4-SCREWS
All fasteners, E-clips, etc. 140+ screws, most stainless steel w/socket heads.
 V4 Ball Bearings Kit (Boca Bearing* List Price $162) Item ID: V4-BB
(30) precision bearings (28 with shields, 2 with rubber seals.)
* as of Feb 3, 2015
 V4 Magnetic Drive Water Pump Material Item ID: V4-PUMP
Magnets and Delrina rod cover material (less bearings and "O" ring.)

  V4 Distributor Cap Item ID: V4-DIST


 V4 - 1" Length of Oil Pump Gear Stock  Item ID: V4-GEAR
(13) tooth, (48) pitch, (20) degree PA .313" diameter - enough for several pumps.

General Items Available for Howell V-4 

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 Spark Plug Wire
 Spark Coil 
 Optional Propane Demand Valve Plans
 Radiator Expansion Tank

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