Rider Compression Hot-Air Pumping Engine

The water pump on the model is made just like the original shown above.

"The prototype engines were made by the DeLamater Iron Works of New York City during the late 1800's and early 1900's. They were used for pumping water in country estate homes, on ranches, railroads, greenhouses and other applications and were sold all over the world. They came in 4", 5", 6", 8" and 10" cylinder diameters. This engine was built from my own "lost wax investment" castings. The flywheel is 3.330" diameter. Bore and stroke is .615"x .750". The double acting "Rolling Valve" water pump has a .156" bore and .750" stroke and will pump quite a stream of water. The pumped water circulates around the cooler cylinder and some also cools the top of the heater cylinder. The engine is fired by a propane burner with a flame 1/2" diameter and less than 3/16" high. The engine runs cool, with the warmest part being the furnace which is never too hot to touch. The regenerator passage is fitted with very fine stainless steel screen wire folded accordian style, but it is not known for certain how much effect it actually has. In late 1999 I made this engine available as a serial numbered "1 of 50" castings and material kits. These sold out in just a few months and are NO LONGER available.*"  - JEH

Although the castings are no longer available*, we are sometimes asked for the plans, as some enterprising builders will go ahead and make the cast parts from bar stock, and use the plans to build the entire engine.  We offer the plans here for $2.00 as an example of Jerry's work.  All the other plans available on this site follow the same general flow and layout, except, of course, no castings are required for them as they are made completely from bar stock..

The Rider plan set consist of 20 sheets of drawings (sheet one is a detailed cutaway view) and 3 sheets of construction and assembly notes.

* Partial casting kits found.  See this link: http://www.jerry-howell.com/forums/index.php?board=31.0
                                    Now Rider Sample Plans $2.00

(available as a PDF download only)

These plans are FREE if you purchase any other plan set within 30 days.  Just email a reminder to allen@outpostenterprises.com and I will issue you a $2 Paypal refund from any subsequent plan set purchased.

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